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Office of Development and Mission Integration

The Office of Development and Mission Integration exists in order to strengthen, support, enhance and expand the mission of the Canossian Daughters of Charity in their commitment to respond to those in our society who are “most in need,” especially women and children.

In a spirit of collaboration, the Office invites the laity to enter into an active and meaningful partnership with the Canossian Sisters in their endeavor to serve the broken and the poor in the world, thus, making the love of Jesus manifested on the Cross, tangible and real.

It is through your love, prayers and support that so much is possible in so many places by so few Sisters and we thank you.


Escuela Morelos is a Primary School, grades one to six, with a current enrollment of about 250 children of mid- to low-income families. Originally built under the auspices of the Church to provide Catholic education to disadvantaged children and administered by a Patronato, it is now fully and legally administered by the Canossian Sisters through a process of “Acomodato.”

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EDYFICA is a non-profit organization and a subsidiary of the Canossian Daughters of Charity of the Cristo Rey Province of North America. As any non-profit, it operates with the good will and support of the community and generous people like you! Would you like to be part of our future…?

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Edyfica brochure

Edyfica information in Spanish


Challenged by the vision of St. Magdalene of Canossa to serve those “most in need” and believing in the value and uniqueness of each person, Casa Angelica is committed to empower, educate and form young people with pervasive needs, accompanying their growth process, calling forth their gifts and establishing them to develop fully their potential. This mission is carried out in a family atmosphere that is both collaborative and supportive of the residents and their families.

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Cristo Rey Community in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the retirement home for the Sisters of the province who are now retired or semi-retired from full-time ministry.

The Sisters were missionaries who worked many years in various ministries and locations around the world. We thank the Sisters for their selfless service throughout the years.

The retired and semi-retired Sisters’ ministry is to pray for the province and the Sisters of the province and for all those who are so generous to us to “make Jesus known and loved.”

Top: Sister Natalia (far right) visits with Sisters over a cup of tea; left: Sister Liz leads a prayer service for the Sisters.


If you wish for the Sisters to pray for your intentions, please send prayer requests to the address below or call 505-873-2854.


Please consider helping the Canossian Sisters in their ministries of charity
to “make Jesus known and loved” (St. Magdalene of Canossa).


By mail:
Canossian Daughters of Charity
5625 Isleta Blvd. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105




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