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What fascinates you?

We are women, fascinated by the Greatest Love of the Crucified One, sharing life and prayer with one another as we journey, in all humility and love, with our crucified sisters and brothers in the spirit of Magdalene of Canossa.

Fascinated by the Greatest Love of the Crucified One...
For us, there is something compelling about Jesus Crucified. This man filled with a love so strong that not even his passion and death could strip it from him. It is this love, the Greatest Love, which draws us near, burns in our hearts and powerfully moves us to share that same love with others. It is a Love shared by Mary, who lives out her “yes” of the Annunciation most fully at the foot of the cross.

Sharing life and prayer with one another...
We choose to live a common life, sharing the daily joys and struggles with one another as we share prayer, work, study, meals, and play. It is in the reality of this life together in a multi-cultural, multi-generational context, that we have the opportunity to love in concrete ways. The “elbow-to-elbow” of daily life leads us to human maturity as we come to know ourselves more deeply, with all of our strengths and weaknesses. In this way, we are also able to affirm and value the woman that each sister is and can become. In the inevitable challenges of community life, lived in the light of the Crucified, we learn that “mutual love passes through the cross.”

Journeying in all humility and love with our crucified sisters and brothers...
As Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor, our actions arise from our identity as women born of the Greatest Love and as women called to journey in simplicity with our crucified sisters and brothers on every continent. Through ministries of education and human promotion, evangelization and faith formation, and pastoral care among the suffering, we strive to touch each person with the love of the Lord. In our ministerial efforts, we seek to collaborate with and empower laypersons. Our ministries find us in a wide variety of ecclesial and other settings, as we continually discern together the most pressing emergent needs and creative response to the Gospel’s challenge.

I’m fascinated! What’s next?

Process of Vocation Discernment
After some initial contact with the Sisters either by telephone, e-mail/snail mail or visits, you will be referred to the Vocation Director to continue your discernment to ascertain your call to our community. The following is an indication of our Vocation and Formation Process.

Written Assessment

  • Candidate Assessment Form
  • Work Experience
  • Ministry Experience
  • Autobiography
  • References
  • Medical Examination

Telephone Interview
Follow-up on your written material and continued discernment regarding the process.

Behavioral Assessment Interview
Given normally during a visit to our community, consists of a thorough assessment of your suitability as a candidate to our community and an opportunity for you to spend a few days with the Sisters.

Stages of Vocation Discernment
In order to be sure our community is the right place for you to use your gifts and to assure that you are right for us, we use a thorough assessment process. This process will be a great help to you as part of your continuing discernment and consists of three main segments.

“Come & See”
After the assessment process, you may be invited to have an extended residential period for continued discernment.


A. “Come and See”
1-3 Months in residence
Focus on Discernment

Prior to or as part of this period, a candidate may choose to live independently and maintain contact with a “Come and See” community.

Postulancy & Novitiate

B. Postulancy – Generally 12 months in residence. Introduction to the Canossian charism and spirituality lifestyle, ministry and community living.

During both the “Come and See” and Postulancy periods, the candidate may be expected to be employed and contribute towards their room and board.

C. Novitiate – A two-year process which consists of a gradual movement into full participation in Canossian life and growth in identity of the Canosssian charism.

For more information, please contact Sr. Liz Chambers (lizchambers2003@yahoo.com) or any of the Canossian communities.

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