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As Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor, our actions arise from our identity as women born of the Greatest Love and as women called to journey in simplicity with our crucified sisters and brothers on every continent. Through ministries of education and human promotion, evangelization and faith formation, and pastoral care among the suffering, we strive to touch each person with the love of the Lord. In our ministerial efforts, we seek to collaborate with and empower lay persons. Our ministries find us in a wide variety of ecclesial and other settings as we continually discern together the most pressing emergent needs and a creative response to the Gospel’s challenge.

Casa Angelica: Home for Children with Pervasive Needs
Challenged by the vision of St. Magdalene of Canossa to serve those “most in need” and believing in the value and uniqueness of each person, Casa Angelica is committed to empower, educate and form young people with pervasive needs, accompanying their growth process, calling forth their gifts and establishing them to develop fully their potential. This mission is carried out in a family atmosphere that is both collaborative and supportive of the residents and their families. Learn more.

Religious Education and Formation
We foster the encounter with Jesus our Savior, breaking the bread of the Word, so that He may be accepted as the greatest good. We are involved in catechesis at all levels, RCIA, sacramental processes, whole community catechesis, youth and vocation ministry.

Our ministries respond to a variety of needs and our Canossian Sisters work through parishes, schools, community social agencies, hospitals, nursing centers, and prisons.


Escuela Morelos
In 1991, our community branched out to serve in Mexico, Chihuahua especially. The sisters were asked to direct and develop the Instituto Educativo Morelos; subsequently they also involved themselves in various parishes of the Archdiocese of Chihuahua, responding to pressing evangelization needs through formation of leaders and catechetical work.

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EdyFICA (Educación y Formación Integral Canossiana/Canossian Integral Education and Formation)

Centro Comunitario Edyfica: Canossian Sisters building community in solidarity.

“Edyfica” is formed from the words: Educación y Formación Integral Canossiana (Canossian Integral Education and Formation.) “Edificar,” in Spanish, means “to build.” Through programs of equivalency education, workshops on health and nutrition, opportunities for skills development and values formation for children, “Edyfica” builds community with and among the people of Vista Cerro Grande, an urban community on the outskirts of the city of Chihuahua.

The neighborhood is home to around 500 families, with a population of 2,500. It is a relatively new area, as more and more families move to the city in search of work. Most of the families are young, and there are many children. It is an area with lots of life, many possibilities. It is also an area, like so many communities at the outskirts of our cities, with limited opportunities. The vast majority of adults have not had the opportunity to finish even middle school, and the quality of public education for children is suspect. Only about half of the families have access to running water in their homes. Family income levels are low, and over half do not have access to regular health care.

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